"Hold On…"

"It’s Really That EASY To Keep My Blood Sugar Under Control?"
My 64 year-old patient said as she stared at me in disbelief. 

“You mean to tell me that after all the doctors I’ve seen, all the things I’ve tried, and all the money I’ve spent…”

The solution for keeping healthy blood sugar is that simple?!?

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw how excited she got.

“Yes, I know it sounds crazy,” I replied. ”Honestly,  I was as shocked as you when I first found out.”

“I mean, who knew it was that easy to improve your blood sugar without drastic diets, grueling exercise, and all those things other doctors recommend!”  I exclaimed. 

I could see her face come alive with excitement as I told her just how amazing this new breakthrough was for improving blood sugar.
       But That’s When I Had To Tell Her The Bad News
“Look,” I said, “If you don’t get your blood sugar under control, it puts you at risk for some health complications and yours have been so out of control for so long if you don’t do something ASAP you might never recover.”

She sighed and stared back at me. I could see the gears grinding in her head.

OK, Doctor Wiggy…enough is enough. If what you’re telling me is true…
If other patients of yours are using this 100% natural, plant-based treatment to improve their blood sugar in just a few weeks’ time…then I’d love to try it.

“I just have one question,” she asked.

"Why haven't I ever heard of this before?"

Famous Doctor Reveals Ancient Chinese Secret
For Perfect Blood Sugar... 

Hi, my name is Dr. Weston Saunders.

 My patients know me as Dr. Wiggy (it’s a long story).

I’m a partner at one of the fastest growing integrative clinics in the nation, and am a medical authority. 

My expertise has allowed me to appear on networks like CBS, NBC, FOX News, on popular TV shows like The Doctors, and more.

I graduated from Wake Forest School of Medicine, one of the nation’s most prestigious medical universities, where I was inducted into the Medical Honor Society. I also co-founded Health As It Ought To Be, a growing supplement company that’s shaking up the industry.

Every single day, thousands and thousands of Americans read my weekly newsletter to help drastically improve their health.

Patients travel hundreds of miles to see me because of the life-changing care I give. My schedule is booked out 6-18 months depending on why you need to see me.

And that’s because… 
I’ve Discovered Ways To Reverse Patients’ Problems... Instead Of Just Treating Them 
The reason my patient schedule is booked out for months is because I do things 99% of American doctors won’t do. Now some people might consider these things “controversial…”

But since they’ve been proven by science to work, and because my patients keep getting better, I still do them.  

And that’s why you’re reading this letter today. 

Hundreds and hundreds of patients visit me for problems related to keeping healthy blood sugar and for insulin regulation. 

Like you, they’re frustrated with managing their blood sugar and...
They're Fed Up With...
--> Boring diets that taste worse than they look... <--
--> Dealing with annoying meal management   <--
--> Excruciating exercise routines they hate   <--
--> Nagging family members saying they should “eat healthy”   <--
Frankly, they’re also sick of living in fear of what might happen to them down the road. 

So they come to see me for help…. Even if it costs them a day in travel and takes months of being on the waiting list. 

Want to know what I tell almost all of my patients battling with blood sugar issues?

It’s nothing too crazy... I just tell them they need to...
Start Using THIS Chinese Secret Shown To Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels In As Little As 2 Weeks    
Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a growing trend among my patients. The doctors kept recommending mainstream solutions for blood sugar management, but they weren’t doing the trick.

Instead, the patients remained sick, limping along through life, worrying about their blood sugar and wondering why that extra 30 pounds wouldn’t go away.

I hated seeing this...

Especially because most of these patients have trusted their doctors’ advice on blood sugar management.  So a while ago I started researching how I could help improve their blood sugar naturally.

The good news is, while researching medical journals from well-respected Chinese scientists, I discovered a plant-based supplement shown to do just that

The bad news?

There’s been a massive effort by “vested interests” to make sure you never find out this exists

In fact, I’m not even legally allowed to name them or point my finger at them at all!

This Chinese secret literally has the power to change how people maintain healthy blood sugar forever.

And barely anyone knows about it.

So how come an incredible, natural way to improve blood sugar isn’t more well-known?

Well, that’s simple...
“ Vested Interests ” Are Scared What Might Happen...
If Everyone Started Using This Chinese Secret 
A leading health organization says almost 23 million Americans pay around $10,000 - $14,000 a year to help improve blood sugar.

This means Americans spend up to $320 BILLION dollars on blood sugar issues alone.

Sadly, most people have no idea there’s a natural alternative out there, and so they keep doing the same thing over and over again for the rest of their lives, hoping something will eventually change.

And vested interests are probably praying you never discover the incredible method I’m going to show you that naturally increases your insulin sensitivity.  As it goes against everything they claimed was true about blood sugar. 

It’s actually criminal what these groups do to keep you from discovering this Chinese Secret. 

In fact, 40 of the biggest groups out there have been charged with crimes to keep you in the dark about how to naturally improve your blood sugar.

And the biggest ones have actually been found guilty of things like:

Making false claims to keep life saving
information from you
Bribing people you trust
to keep you blind
Lying outright about safe and natural ways to lower blood sugar!
By Telling You This SECRET...

I’m Putting a Target On My Back. 

Let me be crystal clear. 

By telling you about this exciting new Chinese treatment method, I’m putting a huge target on my back.

However, because patient after patient of mine has used this solution to become more insulin-sensitive (in as little as 8 days), I’m willing to take that risk

Normally I’d suggest scheduling a visit with me to tell you more about this new treatment. 

Unfortunately, my schedule is booked out so far it might be years before I see you.

To help you become more insulin-sensitive as soon as possible I’m going to do something for you right now...

I’m going to show you exactly how this Chinese secret, which is actually a yellow powder, could make it so you never have to worry about your blood sugar again.
How A Strange Yellow Powder  
Might Help Keep Your Blood Sugar Under Control Forever!
As a leading integrative physician, I typically avoid practicing medicine like the rest of my colleagues. 

Instead, I usually recommend lifestyle changes and plant-based supplements for improving health.

When it comes to supplements, there aren’t that many that work quickly to keep your blood sugar under control.

And up until a little while ago, I didn’t know of any supplements strong enough to help my patients keep their blood sugar under control for good. 

So a few months ago I began combing through medical journals from all over the world

I was hoping to God I could find a hidden gem others may have missed

After several months, I began to notice a common theme.

Multiple studies confirmed an incredible “yellow powder” that’s been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine. It’s been clinically shown to improve blood sugar levels in as little as 14 days

Even crazier? It did this without the dangerous side effects or the ENORMOUS cost associated with conventional options.
This Weird Yellow Powder Is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before
The deeper I dug, the more impressed I was with the power of this strange yellow powder.

I lay awake at night, hoping everything I read was true. 

Some of the studies revealed this mystery powder did something to your body’s cells that doctors never thought possible. 

In some cases, it outperformed the mainstream options by 50-200 times!

After ingesting just a little bit of this powder, researchers noticed it kick-started cellular processes that could help melt fat away from the body…

While also helping transport blood sugar into your cells (where it belongs) with much greater efficiency.

Other studies revealed this powder contains one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. 

A little bit of this powder included in your diet could also help balance inflammation, strengthen the brain, soothe aching joints, and so much more.

But what impressed me most about this yellow powder was how it helped improve people’s blood sugar levels.

For people who constantly had to deal with living in a prison of constant insulin/blood sugar concerns, this powder actually did the unthinkable.

 It Wasn't Long Before These People Could Finally...
  •   Eat some of their favorite foods without fear while helping keep blood sugar within a healthy range
  •  Quit worrying about when to eat so they could enjoy food whenever they wanted
  •  Possibly lose those stubborn 10, 20, 50+ pounds that had been clinging to them for years
  • Kiss their old doctor’s mainstream recommendations goodbye forever!
Plus so much more...

 But how could I prove all this? 

 Well, the good news is I didn’t have to… it had already been done for me.   
2,800 Studies Connected To This Yellow Powder 
Confirm It Has Healing Power
Fact is, this strange yellow powder is one of the most well-studied natural supplements in the world. 

However, as I sat there looking at the mountain of evidence available on this yellow powder, I came to a disturbing realization. 

I couldn’t think of a single colleague who cared to share this with patients. 

Were my colleagues being paid to keep this quiet?

I couldn’t say for sure.

But it was all starting to make sense.

Mainstream medicine would hate it if millions of people didn’t follow their conventional advice.  

And considering everything this yellow powder does for people with blood sugar concerns…

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a conspiracy to keep this life-changing info quiet….
 I’m Spilling ALL the Beans On This Strange Yellow Powder 
Like I said earlier, this strange yellow powder is entirely plant-based.

So no one can patent it or try and keep it for themselves.  

And even though 2,800 studies have been conducted on this yellow powder, most people don’t know about it.

In fact, I’ll bet my stethoscope ”vested interests” who know about it stay up at night worrying about what will happen to their bank accounts if these secrets are finally leaked.

Centuries ago, the Chinese used this natural powder to help keep their immune systems strong, to get rid of diarrhea, and to help calm upset stomachs. 

In fact, those treatment options are why researchers began investigating it in the first place.

However, it wasn’t long after testing this natural supplement they started to realize it did way more than help stop the runs…

So scientists started poking and prodding, seeing the true limits of this yellow powder. 

And study after study...
Showed It Has Powers Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Seen In
The Natural World
As an integrative physician, I’ve scoured medical and research journals for hours on end trying to find natural alternatives to help keep my patients healthy.

Two hours into studying this yellow powder, I realized something incredible.

When it came to blood sugar regulation, the powder is so powerful it could rival (and even beat) anything I’ve ever seen in all my years practicing medicine. 

But its safe and natural effects didn’t stop there...
In Just A Second You’ll See How This Yellow Powder Will Also:
  •  Give You Freedom to stop wasting time on conventional doctor-recommended treatments. 
  •   Trick Your Body into thinking you just exercised vigorously without moving a muscle. 
  •  Help You Become More Insulin Sensitive -- Without changing how you eat, how you move, or how you think.
  •  Help Promote a Health Inflammatory Response: (important for healthy blood sugar).
  •  Help You Lose More Weight than you would think possible by initiating a chemical change that flips on your metabolic master switch.
  •   Help Protect Your Heart from risk factors that affect millions of people just like you every year
Plus much, much more.

So get ready. I'm about to show you what these 2,800 studies say about this amazing yellow powder.
Discover The Supernatural Way This Yellow Powder... 
 Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar
Facts are facts.

If you’re serious about keeping your blood sugar under control, you need to do one thing...

Find natural ways to become more insulin-sensitive.

That’s it.

The more insulin-sensitive you are, the more blood sugar you use for energy. The more blood sugar you use for energy, the healthier you become (and the less sugar is stored as fat).

Fortunately, becoming more insulin-sensitive is pretty easy.

All you need to do is change your diet and start exercising 5-6 times a week for 30 minutes a day.

That’s right...
Do These 2 Things And You Basically
Reverse Most Blood Sugar Conditions Permanently! 
I’m sure you’re wondering what that has to do with the yellow powder I just mentioned. 

It’s simple. 

When your life is as chaotic as yours is... when you’re as busy...as old...or as overweight as you might be...

There’s a snowball’s chance in hell you’re actually going to always eat right and exercise 5-6 times a week.

I know this is true because almost all my patients tell me the same thing (and their spare tire confirms it).

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the “supernatural” power this yellow powder has.

Honestly, it’s almost too incredible to believe. 

The cool thing about this yellow powder is what it does to your body’s cells.

Truth is, this yellow powder is one of the only plant-based nutrients known to activate a special cellular enzyme called Adenosine Monophosphate-activated Protein Kinase (AMPK).

Once triggered, AMPK does the unthinkable inside your body...
It Tricks Your Body 
Into Thinking It Just Exercised Really Hard!
When you take this yellow powder, AMPK is activated almost immediately. When that happens, your body’s metabolism is slammed into overdrive.

Sadly, “vested interests” know activating AMPK to improve blood sugar is true...they just hope you don’t get wise. 

And what’s even crazier… is how this yellow powder actually outperforms some of the mainstream solutions you know about by 200x!

Take a look: 
So what does all this mean for you and your insulin sensitivity?

Essentially, taking this yellow powder makes it so your body thinks it ran a race. 

So even though you might not have moved an inch since taking the yellow powder, your body still reaps the reward. 

As I mentioned before, exercise is one of the best ways to become more insulin-sensitive. It also helps you lose weight. And this yellow powder helps you get some of the benefits of exercise without lifting a finger

Now of course if the only thing this yellow powder did was activate AMPK, you might think that’s enough.

Fortunately, it does much, much more!
Research Shows This Strange Fact Is True...
A myriad of studies have been undertaken in the quest to understand how this yellow powder makes people more insulin-sensitive.

In fact, what's remarkable about these studies is almost all of them were conducted on people just like you

Hardly any lab rats involved.

In 2008, Chinese scientists wanted to test out this yellow powder's anti-diarrheal power on people with glucose intolerance (if you weren't aware, diarrhea can be a side effect of glucose). 

After they ran their tests, they discovered something shocking.

Not only did the yellow powder help relieve the subjects' stomach issues...

When the 116 subjects took 1 gram a day, the yellow powder invaded their blood and pushed glucose back into the cells where it belongs.

This made their plasma concentrations of blood sugar drop dramatically! 

Something never seen before with a natural substance

Of course, if that was the only study with these results, I wouldn't be so quick to make those claims...
That Study Sent Shockwaves Through The Scientific Community

Scientists all over the world read that study and were stunned.

A few years later, Spanish researchers ran a few tests to see if the Chinese study results were authentic. 

To make sure their results were as precise as possible, they performed one of the most accurate tests imaginable...a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

And when I was reviewing their study and saw the results, I was blown away. 

In just a few weeks, their study showed this yellow powder was more effective than almost any other substance studied for blood sugar.

And the ridiculous thing was how fast the powder worked - and how little of this yellow powder it took! 

By taking only 500 mg - 1,500mg of the yellow powder (about 2 pills worth) for 3-6 weeks, blood sugar levels improved dramatically, sending the researchers and participants into substantial shock. Imagine if that was you taking this yellow powder…

You’d have balanced blood sugar levels, no more worries, and the boundless energy that comes with increased insulin-sensitivity. 

Now I could see why vested interests were trying to keep things under wraps.

Honestly, reading those research studies made by heart race with excitement.

I was in disbelief, unable to fathom how this yellow powder could be so powerful...
But The Insane Amount Of Evidence Kept Stacking Up
In 2015, a group of Chinese scientists wanting to see how this yellow powder helped people become more insulin-sensitive opted for a grueling randomized, parallel-controlled, open-label clinical trial.

Selecting 24 extremely overweight subjects, they split the group down the middle to see how the yellow powder performed against a placebo.

Half got a placebo three times a day. The other half were given 500 mg of the yellow powder three times a day.

After just a month, the results were in… And when I saw them I choked on my coffee.

All it took was a few hundred milligrams of this yellow powder a day to sky-rocket the overweight test subjects’ insulin sensitivity.

 Those kinds of results are typically only achieved by extreme exercise and lifestyle changes.

But there in front of me was an accurate report proving people taking this yellow powder had significantly better blood glucose and insulin levels.

And the placebo group, well they saw no changes!

Even crazier? 

All the women in the group lost weight from their mid-section. Meaning this powder literally ripped fat from their bodies

Imagine how happy you’d be if the same happened to you...
I Couldn’t Believe What I Was Seeing...
Instantly I knew this could be THE ANSWER for people struggling with blood sugar management.

I was so excited to tell people there was a new, natural option they could use to improve blood sugar

And I was especially excited to share this with patients who worried about keeping insulin levels normal between meals.

But I couldn’t help but wonder...

Were these results sustainable…would this yellow powder work day in and day out to Change Their Blood Sugar Forever?

So I checked to see how it affected HbA1c levels.

As you know, one of the best ways to know if a treatment for keeping healthy, long-term blood sugar and insulin levels is effective is by looking at HbA1c levels.

Increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing blood glucose levels for short periods of time means nothing if HbA1c levels don’t improve.

So I started pouring over all the studies in even greater depth. 

I’m so glad I did, too, because never in my life did I expect what I was about to see.
What This Yellow Powder Did For HbA1c Was Stunning
Only minutes into reviewing the first study, I knew my patients who worried about the long-term health complications connected to HbA1c had a new, natural solution.

In this study, it only took one gram a day of this yellow powder over the course of three months to cause plasma levels of blood sugar to improve.

This resulted in HbA1c levels dropping significantly (usually to the next whole number down)! 

And anyone trying to keep healthy HbA1c knows how amazing that is.

And Then I Saw It Do Something To HbA1C Levels...
 I Couldn't Believe
Looking at even more studies related to this yellow powder and HbA1c I realized it only took 3 months for this yellowed powder to improve A1c like nothing else could.

Two of those things this yellow powder did for A1c  were so amazing it was truly unbelievable.

But all the evidence behind this yellow powder's power made me, a devout skeptic, a true-believer.

Reading through the pages of research, my biggest takeaways were that this yellow powder:
  • Improved fasting blood sugar levels better than what your doctors been giving you- which is essential for optimal health
  •  Caused fasting insulin levels to improve dramatically - which is desperately needed for healthy blood sugar management
  •  Improved blood sugar levels directly after eating - which is important for blood sugar and insulin use (along with energy levels and weight loss)
  •  Helped improve HbA1c by growing new insulin receptors - which were reported to have expressions four times better than before
Even though I was weeks into my investigation, I was so overwhelmed with energy, it was hard to contain. 

I knew my patients, who had given up hope anything would ever help control their blood sugar finally had an option to turn to.

This yellow powder had finally given them a natural way to keep healthy blood sugar, insulin, and HbA1c levels, and more.

The way this yellow powder helped with blood sugar made me want to get it into my patients’ hands immediately!

But what really shocked me...what completely blew me away... was that...
This Yellow Powder's Super Powers Didn't Stop There
Before I tell you what else this powder can do, it’s time I tell you what it is.

The strange yellow powder I’ve been referring to is known as berberine

Unlike most natural supplements I recommend, berberine doesn’t come from just one plant.

In fact, it can be found in European barberry, goldenseal, goldthread, Oregon grape, phellodendron, tree turmeric, and more.

Now if all berberine did was help my patients drop weight and keep their blood sugar under control, I’d naturally be happy enough.

But the truth is, for every paper I reviewed about berberine’s effects on blood sugar, insulin, etc. there were 10 more showing it did something else great for our health

In fact, all the incredible things I learned about berberine inspired me to start taking it.

Yes, as a board-certified physician, and as a man concerned about his own health, I thought berberine's amazing powers would do wonders for me. 
Whether it was its ability to improve heart health, fight pain, improve sexual performance for men, preserve memory, or protect the brain...

I’m utterly convinced berberine is a super-supplement!

Take a look at the staggering amount of ways it can help you achieve greater health...
Berberine Helps Improve Heart Health
Almost all studies related to the blood sugar/insulin benefits of berberine noted it would likely protect the heart. 

Well, after six months of exhaustive research...
the verdict was in. Berberine:
  •  Significantly improved total cholesterol
  •  Helped improve triglyceride levels substantially
  •  Caused unhealthy LDL-C to lower
  •  Helped raise HDL-C 
Berberine Helps with Weight Loss
Plus, it also helped people lose enough weight that it physically altered their body.

Which could result in all kinds of other notable health improvements. 

But’s that not all it did…

Berberine Does Some Amazing Things To Your Brain 
Based on what I’ve seen, berberine might be one of the most powerful brain-protectants around.

Ample studies have shown berberine can actually protect and restore brain connections for good! 

Here’s a few ways berberine does just that:

  •  Helps shield sensitive brain connections and even helps rebuild them
  •  Helps restore memory and brain function 
  •  Helps you think more clearly so work is easier and less stressful
  •  Helps dissolve dangerous amyloid plaques which improves brain function
  •  Helps protect your brain from dangerous oxidative damage
Plus Berberine Also...
  •   Helps promote a healthy inflammatory response
  •   Is useful in protecting cells from stress to help combat the effects of aging
  •   Helps to treat abdominal issues like occasional diarrhea and upset stomach
  •   Works with your immune system to help keep you healthy all year round
  •   Works on cells to help maintain the health of joints and tissues
  •  Positively improves your body’s hormone levels for greater health
And much, much more. 

Truth is, berberine has so many health benefits I'm sure I could write a book about it.

But, for now, it's safe to say this amazing powder is one of the most effective natural ways to keep blood sugar under control on the planet. 

Which is why I want to talk to you about the safety of this incredible powder.
Is Berberine Even Safe?
Find Out Below
The whole time writing this letter I’ve been telling you about all the incredible things berberine can do.

As you’ve noticed, one of the main reasons I recommend berberine is because it’s natural.

But you’re probably wondering if it’s really safe to take.

I’m happy to tell you that, in all my years of studying medicine, berberine is one of the only supplements I know of to produce almost No Side-Effects.**  

Study after study show that, generally, the worst that happens after taking berberine is a bit of gastrointestinal/abdominal discomfort, along with either diarrhea or constipation.**

Almost every single time these conditions can be reversed by either taking a little bit less than you’re taking, or by dividing the dose into multiple servings a day.

That’s pretty incredible.

I should note there is a possibility of it interacting with medications. So, if you decide to start taking berberine, I always advise talking to your physician about your choice.

And because it can dramatically improve blood sugar levels, you should be very careful if you’re combining it with blood sugar drugs.

Of course, my hope is once you take berberine for healthy blood sugar you’ll never have to take anything else for it again.

And if that’s something you want, then take a look at the easiest way to get the best berberine on the planet.
This is the Easiest Way Imaginable...
 To Get The Best Berberine Available
After discovering berberine’s amazing benefits, I knew I had to get it into my patients’ hands (and your hands) ASAP.

Of course, I wanted to make sure you got the best berberine available.

And frankly, you shouldn’t trust most of the berberine out there.  

The horror stories are true; like the New York Times reported, most supplement makers grind weeds into dust and sell them to you for a profit.

So we decided to make it ourselves.
Our Health As It Ought To Be Berberine is as simple as it gets

Each 450 mg capsule contains just two ingredients: Berberine and rice flour (for the filler).

It’s the freshest Berberine available and made in small batches to maximize effectiveness. 

All it takes is 30 seconds a day to harness the power of Health As It Ought To Be Berberine.
 I Want Berberine For Improved Blood Sugar
As you’ve learned, berberine is quite simply one of the most natural and most potent ways to take back your life.

Remember, berberine…
  •  May help your body's response to insulin for better glucose control
  •  Could make you more insulin-sensitive, which may help you burn fat easier and faster
  •  Helps activate AMPK to trick your body into thinking it just worked out
  •  Helps protect heart health by improving cholesterol levels and lowering triglycerides
  •  Protects your memory and improves brain power via its incredible antioxidant power
  •  Helps protect against abnormal cell growth

You can begin experiencing all of these amazing benefits by getting your berberine today!

When you receive your supply of berberine, I want you to know you’re making one of the best choices imaginable for better blood sugar and a healthier, more care-free life!
Bonus Alert!!
Your Order Of Berberine Comes With These Free Bonuses
Because you're not a patient of mine I want to do something extra special for you.

Normally any patient who gets berberine from our clinic gets my personal recommendations on diet and exercise tips to maximize insulin sensitivity, fat loss, and more.

Since you're not in my office right now...

I’m going to give you two bonus guides for robust and vibrant health 100% FREE!

Both of these bonuses work with berberine to improve blood sugar so it's never an issue for you ever again!
BONUS GUIDE #1  - Normally $19.99
Done For You Exercise Routines That  Radically Improve Your Health
I've already showed you how berberine helps trick your body into thinking it just worked out.

That's an amazing benefit you can't get with any other natural blood sugar treatment.

However, just because berberine has that effect doesn't mean you can stop working out.

If you do, then other health problems will be in your future.

That’s why I’m giving you this guide.

This guide gives you some of the easiest  and most effective workout routines ever developed for improving blood sugar AND transforming your health.

These workout routines are already done for you, just follow them from the comfort of your home and you'll start to see results.

No matter  your age,  your lifestyle, or your current level of fitness.

This incredibly informative guide is full of info that will dramatically alter your health

Inside you’ll discover:
  •  The simple “couch potato” workout routine that could help you slim down in just 14 days.
  •  The “Homeward Bound” workout routine: this 10-minute exercise can transform your body and help you drop 10 - 30 or even 50 pounds by doing nothing more than simple household chores.
  •  The “Lost To History” exercise routine: if Jack LaLanne had known about this, he might have been even more ripped and more famous. 
Plus many more.

Remember, exercise won’t just help you feel better...it can help you look better, live longer, and enjoy life much, much more. 
Bonus Guide #2 - Normally $24.99
The Blood Sugar Balancing Recipe Book
Easy Recipes For Your Favorite Meals That  Help Improve Your Blood Sugar at the Same Time
If you're like most people struggleing to control your blood sugar it means you always worry about what you eat.

By taking berberine you certainly can enjoy the foods you love for the rest of your life.

However, taking berberine doesn’t give you license to pig out on pudding and potatoes all day long without fear.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is I've worked long and hard with nutrition experts and expert chefs to help you eat your favorite meals without killing the effects of berberine in the process.

Use these to replace your favorite unhealthy meals and you'll never know the difference! 

These recipes are perfect for everyone from microwave warriors to kitchen pros.

Take a second to see which recipes are included:
  •  Crockpot Overnight Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal: a great start to the day
  •  Blueberry Crumble Bars: yes, these are allowed
  •  Almost Spaghetti: this is a tasty alternative that keeps blood sugar down
If you follow these recipes, I can’t guarantee what’ll happen next.

However, I can tell you patients of mine who decided to switch to recipes like these found they had more energy than they could imagine, all while reducing their risks of acquiring some of the most dangerous diseases.

Don’t think your favorite foods are off-limits!

They’re not, and my recipe book proves it!

Normally $24.95, this book is yours for FREE when you get your berberine today!
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 I take berberine 2x per day (lunch and dinner)...and my A1C has improved 10%! - Natasha

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After I started taking it, my blood sugars dropped 10% and my cholesterol improved positive by 73%
 This stuff works and I will take this supplement for years to come!! " - Robyn

I trust all of the supplements recommended by Health As It Ought To Be. 
They are always of the highest quality, and I love receiving Dr. Wiggy's recommendations.  This is an amazing supplement when you consider all that it can do for you. Everyone can benefit from it, and this brand is made in small batches to guarantee its freshness. I have not seen that anywhere else. - S. Jones

"Berberine has made a huge impact in my life. 
Since I started taking it over a year ago, I’ve lost 6 pounds and have more energy than I have since I was 21. I sleep better and do not wake up tired. I also don’t have the sugar crashes I used to have. I recommend this product to anyone struggling with low energy, diabetes, and/or insulin resistance issues. " - Teresa 

"I waited until I had some test results before I wrote this review.
Dr. Wiggy suggested that I discontinue conventional treatments for blood sugar for 90 days and use only the Berberine then return to him for a follow-up check. Well, after my follow-up check today my A1C was exactly the same as it was when using conventional treatments. I can now personally attest to that fact berberine helps with blood sugar! I am a patient of Dr. "Wiggy" Saunders whose practice is associated with this particular brand and can assure folks of the quality of their supplements." - Kelly
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